At Next Solar, we’ve been able to leverage our company’s success to help gain a distinct advantage for our customers. Being a local company also gives us the flexibility to do installs that normally larger companies would pass on. We are also able to offer our customers with an installation with little or no money down and a monthly payment that will typically be no greater, and often less, than what they are currently paying their power company every month.

Among the different alternatives that exist in the market, we offer the most efficient and cost effective option. Through an interconnected solar system you get the best technology at an affordable price and with Next Solar Inc., the process of switching from your current utility to solar energy and saving money will be both easy and enjoyable.


Next Solar's mission is to educate and inform home owners of the benefits of going solar. We offer a customized renewable energy solution for home owners that best suits their needs.


We'll perform a complete energy audit; identify areas where more efficient technology upgrades can be made to reduce consumption and your overall energy costs.